The Flower


William B Myers

 Thereís a flower in the garden - outside my living room.

Itís the color of a sunrise - with a rainbow running through.

Out of reach, too far to smell, I see itís beauty very well

God's creation comes alive and brightens all here who dwell.


For several days I enjoy the sight - it brings me happiness and much delight

Those who pass stop and gaze - upon the flower that I praise

Who knows how long it may last - life is short and this days past.


I long to hold this flower you see - here in my hand close to me

But to hold a flower freshly cut - would be to kill and that Iíll not

So there it is and there it stays - in my garden fresh each day.

Iíll just sit and enjoy the view - right here in my living room.


 Yesterday it was a beauty - with petals all in bloom

Today itís such a pity - only residue there now looms

But tomorrow is yet another day - and hopefully in some magic way

A flower will once more bloom - outside my living room.