The Cast Away


William B Myers

To the mother who never held her child to her breast

Who never felt the love in a tiny hand caressed

Who never kissed a cheek so soft and warm

Or saw joy in the eyes of the life she bore.

Who never cuddled the baby who’s love she had earned

Through endless caring and nurturing

Who never felt the loving arms outstretched

Of a child who delights in a mothers scent.

She will never know the sound of that tiny voice

So tender it was when silenced of course.

The voice of the child, not allowed to be born

For she was cast away and brutally torn.

You sacrificed more than a child that day

Your humanity was murdered and soul set ablaze.

So reach out mother for those pearly gates

That’s where you’ll find, she always waits.

Only the cool waters of the heavenly lake

Can quench the pain that till this day takes

A toll on your soul and breaks your heart

Your child awaits mother for your soul to depart.

Think fondly mother, of the child you cast away

Not tissue and blood as some would say

But a child of God, with a life, not a lie

Who awaits your arrival on the day you die.

Life is but a glimmer on the waters of time

and "what we sow, we reap"

So cast off the shadows that envelope your soul

and fall to your knees and weep